Are your employment contracts up to date?

The end of financial year is often a time for employers to review employee performance and salaries.

It is also a good time of the year to review your employment agreements to ensure that they provide:

1. Adequate restraints in the event that a key employee leaves, to protect the goodwill of the business and minimise the risk of your clients being poached by a former employee;

2. A reference to the correct Modern Award for your employees;

3. Protection for your confidential information and intellectual property;

4. Reasonable notice periods, to protect your business when a key person resigns, or alternatively, for you to meet your legal obligations when managing someone out of your business;

5. Certainty in relation to salary arrangements, such as casual loadings to avoid any “double dipping” by employees.

In acting for employers, we sometimes find employment contracts with outdated or unlawful provisions along with unenforceable restraints, which can cause difficulty in the event of an employment dispute.

To ensure that your employment contracts comply with the current legislation and accurately reflect your arrangements with your employees, please contact our office to discuss your needs. We are able to review your existing contracts and advise you of any issues, and if required, provide you with a new template agreement for you to use with your employees.