Underperforming employee? Know what to do.

Managing an employee who is underperforming is a difficult issue for all employers.

The costs of underperformance are significant and well publicised.

In a small business, underperformance can be particularly noticeable with the impact on customers and your other staff who may have to work harder to cover the gaps. If left, underperformance can result in customer complaints or losses, and impact staff morale, which has a further impact on productivity.

As a small business owner with many demands on your time it can be difficult to take the time to manage this situation, especially if you are unfamiliar with complex employment laws, the risks if you get it wrong can seem overwhelming.

If you have an employment issue, talk to the employment lawyers at Scanlan Carroll. We can provide you with practical advice at each step of the performance management journey, from setting performance targets to measure and improve performance to defending an unfair dismissal claim. Our process lets you decide the level of involvement we have in the process to tailor our service to your needs.